Construction forest, Qingdao, China

Licun cityscape, Qingdao, China
A nearly-completely forest of apartment buildings as seen through the grimy windows of our gym, which is going out of business. Qingdao’s cityscape, especially in the north (Licun) and east (Laoshan), is dominated by massive construction projects.

Pagoda and construction, Licun Park, Qingdao, China

Licun Gongyuan & construction
Licun Gongyuan, before the spring, amid Qingdao’s relentless urban development.
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Little laowai, big Chinese market — Qingdao, China

Chinese market laowaiOur daughter on one of the bridges crossing Licunji 李村,Qingdao, China’s biggest traditional market.

friendly Chinese marketIt’s a friendly crowd, but not overly so. Foreigners almost never come here, but we draw very little attention.