[Photo Gallery:] Chinese New Year’s 2013 Dragon Dance, Chinatown, Chiang Mai, Thailand

We were in Chiang Mai, Thailand for Chinese New Year and hit Chinatown on New Year’s Day. So here are some dragon photos and a video! Click a thumbnail to begin.

Over four years in China (five if you count Taiwan), but we’ve only ever seen lion or dragon dances in Canada, Thailand and old Jackie Chan movies.

And of course there’s lots more Chinese New Year/Spring Festival stuff to see!

The Suan Bua gave us E.coli!

So the report is in on what the deal was at the Suan Bua Resort near Chiangmai, Thailand, where most of the people at our conference were puking and/or pooping their guts out. E.coli and clorliform on the silverware, fruit, and in the water!! The main filter for their water is the kind you’re supposed to change every month, and they hadn’t changed it in a couple of years.

Just in case you were planning a trip to Chiangmai any time soon…

[Photo Gallery:] Chiangmai, Thailand

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These photos are from Jessica’s cooking class:

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