On the live seafood menu: “Fat innkeeper worms” a.k.a….

Urechis unicinctus, a.k.a. exactly what you think of when you see them, are a standard feature of Shandong cuisine. We see these marine spoonworms on display routintely:
Many if not most of Qingdao’s larger restaurants feature a live seafood menu, like this one from lunch the other day.
But if you find that unappetizing, don’t worry. They’re so full of water that after they’re barbecued, they look incredibly similar to earthworms (on-a-stick):
BBQ penis fish on a stick
In Chinese they’re called 海肠, literally: “sea intestine”.

My daughter’s first moon cake

Each kid in the preschool got to make a moon cake for Mid-Autumn Festival. This was our daughter’s:

Welcome to Qingdao! Now witness an arrest for proselytizing

In the neighbourhood across the street from us:

“Oppose evil cults and diligently study;
Uphold science not superstition”

We met a newly-arrived American the other day. She’s teaching English studying Chinese at Ocean University. On one of her first days in Qingdao she saw a woman get arrested in a bank for proselytizing (that’s how the Chinese acquaintance who was with her at the time explained it).

She didn’t have any other details, and it could have been one of a number of groups. But the group that stamps these messages on Chinese currency (I received the one below last week) is probably among the top three most-likely-to-get-hauled-off-for-proselytizing-in-China:
For more details about this kind of thing, see: