Chinese restaurant irreverently spoofs the Cultural Revolution

Friends picked this restaurant for a meal a while back. They had funny edited posters everywhere, mostly Mao Era propaganda stuff. Here’s a couple:

Restaurant propaganda1
If you don’t eat up, how will you have the strength to lose weight?!

Restaurant propaganda2
不是想吃就吃 就是想吃就吃路上
If you’re not going to Eat As You Wish, then you’re going to the Eat As You Wish road

“Weird Al” Yankovic’s Mandatory Fun Chinese propaganda posters!

“Weird Al” Yankovic is promoting his latest album Mandatory Fun with two Chinese propaganda poster spoofs. One poster has Chinese. To find out what it says, mouseover the Chinese characters here or scroll down:


“I’m not wearing underwear”
wǒ méiyǒu chuān nèikù

And here’s the other one:

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Anti-Japan protests channel uncomfortable amounts of Chairman Mao and the Cultural Revolution

We were more than a little stunned when we first came to China a few years ago and discovered that people, even young, educated people, had strong, positive feelings for Chairman Mao and his legacy. I thought we’d gotten used to it, but seeing these photos and slogans from the anti-Japan protests made me realize I’m still amazed at how, despite everything that was done in his name and on his orders — in living memory! — the Party has altered his legacy in the minds of the people. Click the link or the photos to see more pictures of Mao at the protests:
Mao comes back to life amid wide spread anti-Japan protests in China

“Chairman Mao, the Japs are bullying us again.”

“Grandpa Mao says: ‘Get the dog-f—ing Japs!'”

On the influence of the Cultural Revolution in current Chinese politics: Total Denial and the Will to Forget

A collection of riot photos: In Photos: China’s anti-Japan fury

More about Mao’s legacy, real and imagined:

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