Don’t eat dog? We sure missed that memo… [Updated]

When we were beginner language students I translated a dog restaurant menu just for fun. Now this week in Beijing they’re telling people to stop eating dogs. A friend posted this photo yesterday:

“Please refuse to eat dog meat! There’s all different kinds of food, but ‘friends’ are extremely precious.”
— The Beijing Loving Animals Foundation

If there’s a campaign to stop eating dogs, our district in Qingdao has definitely not received the memo. Here’s some pictures I just happen to have on hand, taken right in our neighbourhood and at the nearest restaurants:

“Five Spice Dog Meat” Spring Festival gift box.

This hotpot restaurant’s menu includes fish head meat 鱼头, beer duck 啤酒, dog , and eel 鳝鱼.

At a competing restaurant dog meat tops the hotpot menu 火锅.

These photos can be found in our public China Instagram feed.

Pro Tip! “Dog food” — is that food for your dog (), or your dog for food ()? You’ll probably want to be careful you don’t confuse this:

(pet food store)

with this:

(dog meat gift bag from Chinese teacher)

or this:

(dog meat restaurant)

Pro Tip #2! Dog meat is a wintertime food. In the spring and summer it won’t be available at many restaurants that usually serve it. Because Chinese medicine. So you’ll probably have to wait a while before you get to try any.

On the first glance, it’s not immediately obvious why Mainland Chinese would be campaigning to not eat dog, or any other animal. I found some interesting explanations here: China’s dog-eating controversy is class warfare

And of course we’ve had our own dog eating adventures:

China also has other creative uses for dog, aside from food:

[Update Apr 19]
Dog is more popular around here than I realized. Normally I eat with a group on Friday nights, but everyone had to work overtime tonight. So I was on my own for dinner, and took my time walking around just to see what was available. In five minutes I found five places that serve dog. I’m sure there would have been more but friends called and said they could make it after all so I stopped looking and went to meet them. See if you can find “” in each of these pictures:

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