China’s sky-high c-section rate

“China is trying to get its sky-high rate of Caesarean sections under control.

“…46.2 percent of expectant mothers in China choose to give birth with surgical help. That’s a rate much higher than the Asian average of 27.3 percent…

“And the statistics are even higher in China’s capital city. In 2010, 51 percent of the babies born in Beijing were delivered through Caesarean sections…

““China has a lot of people, so in many hospitals, especially in the small hospitals without too much regulation, doctors and nurses don’t have the patience to wait for hours or even days for the expected mothers to deliver naturally,” she told NBC News. “The cost of C-section is higher than a vaginal birth, so many hospitals encourage the surgery to make more money.””
[Link: C-section baby boom in China]

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