“AIDS of the soul” in China

A piece of commentary I occasionally hear, unsolicited, from students who are interested in social issues is that China has “no religion”, and they mean this as a bad thing, that no one heeds the previous moralisms of Confucianism or Communism; everyone is consumed with an amoral greed for wealth and status at whatever the cost to themselves or others, particularly with an astoundingly callous disregard for others. Unrestrained, shameless, brutally pragmatic selfishness guides behaviour (here’s a recent infamous example). One Chinese novelist who came through my news recently is calling it “AIDS of the soul.”

2 thoughts on ““AIDS of the soul” in China”

  1. A student today brought up one of the infamous incidents mentioned in this article, where people who accidentally hit someone with their car either get out and kill them or run them over again on purpose to make sure they die, because they don’t want the legal and financial trouble that would come with severely or permanently injuring someone. Killing someone and running away is easier.

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