2 thoughts on “??”

  1. Here’s a little bit of back-story as to why this phrase got picked for “take-out”. Some of the local ladies (jr. high girls, as well as one middle-aged married lady) have applied this term in reference to Joel.

    For the record, I agree with them. He is very, very ??. But they’d better keep their hands to themselves!

    Joel’s response to the middle aged lady was priceless (in my opinion): He said “??????!
    (ni(3)shuo(1)wo(3)de tai(4) tai!) meaning (approximately), “You tell my wife!” which apparently got a pretty good laugh from the lady.

  2. yeah, she laughed because that Chinese doesn’t really make any sense… like the kids who use Chinese grammar with English words. But I think she got the idea.

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