[Photo Gallery:] Keelung Night Market, Taiwan

Tonights adventures are dedicated to Joanna! She’s stuck at school in Texas while the rest of her siblings are running around Taiwan and Africa or living in Vancouver Island paradises. So we officially dedicate the evening’s eatings and seeings to her.

Our friends ZhÄ«-líng (a.k.a ‘Sunny’) and Wén-dí (his English name is Andy… don’t call him Wendy) took us out to the Keelung (ji1-lung2) Night Market, located in the port city of Keelung. In addition to the usual night market fair, Keelung Night Market has a huge temple and tons of seafood. This night we finally got close enough to the cho4do4fu3 (‘stinky tofu’) to try it – even though the acrid cloud of malevolent fumes always claws its way down your throat long before the actual dofu is in visual range – along with oyster omelettes, intestine soup, and various other assorted drinks and steamed balls containing we-don’t-know-exaclty-what-but-we’re-pretty-sure-it-came-from-the-ocean. (We didn’t have our note pad with us this time, so the details are a little vague.) We found out where you buy huge live frogs to eat at home (but they’ll kill it for you there), and get bitter melon smoothies (the bumpy cucumber-looking things by the blenders). It’s always lots of fun to run around, try some more Mandarin, and of course, eat our way through several city blocks of foreign food. Wish you were here!

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