Breathing room

The previously mentioned rush of inspiration was only good for about 4 pages of that paper; I’m not sure if I should feel guilty about the other 8 or not.

Either way, we’ve got a little breathing room now to get our lives in order. Moving to Taipei + two weeks of Winter Camp + Hong Kong + grad papers =’d messing up our lives. Now – for the first time since we left West Texas in August – we can start a sane routine that should last for more than two weeks! It’s nice to actively and routinely engage our spiritual and married relationships, clean our apartment, stay on top of our assignments (more reading in the park!), get organized with the Mandarin learning, learn the local markets, get to know the food stand owners we frequent beyond their names, and hang out with our new Taiwanese friends! We do have time for all that now – this month even.

Some little things:
– new photos, video, and audio (on the photos and video pages)!
– If you haven’t yet ditched Internet Exploder for Firefox, now’s your chance. Firefox is safer, more secure, easier to use, faster… and CHL works better in it! =)

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